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CREO MIS® is a posterior percutaneous stabilization system featuring extended screw heads. This system provides the same strength and rigidity as CREO®, allowing for manipulation and deformity correction.

CREO® Fenestrated Screw System

The CREO® Fenestrated Screw System is a comprehensive pedicle screw system designed for screw augmentation with FORTRESS™ bone cement to enhance fixation within the vertebral body in indicated advanced stage tumor patients. The combination of i

CREO® Threaded

The CREO® Threaded thoracolumbar stabilization system enhances efficiency and ease of use by providing a complete array of implant options for treating complex spinal pathologies with one system. The system displays a competitively low profile design
PROTEX Deformity

PROTEX® Deformity

PROTEX® Deformity is a posterior stabilization system with a full line of monoaxial screws, rods, hooks and connectors that utilize a 6.0mm or 6.5mm diameter rod to meet varying anatomical needs.


REVERE® is a thoracolumbar stabilization system with a full range of polyaxial screws, rods and connectors.

REVERE® 6.35

REVERE® 6.35 is a comprehensive thoracolumbar stabilization system providing surgeons the same adaptability and ease of use inherent in the original 5.5mm REVERE®, with the stiffness and strength of a 6.35mm rod.

REVERE® 6.35 Deformity

REVERE® 6.35 Deformity is a comprehensive large-rod-based system that offers adaptability, ease of use and a wide range of options to meet the needs of complex, multilevel deformity cases.

REVERE® Corrective Osteotomy Set

The REVERE® Corrective Osteotomy Set is a truly comprehensive instrument set designed to enhance the efficiency of Smith-Petersen Osteotomies.

REVERE® Reduction Screws

REVERE® Reduction Screws include both monoaxial and polyaxial versions especially designed for spondylolisthesis reduction.


SILC® is a low-profile fixation system that is easy to insert and provides the stability to perform standard reduction maneuvers without requiring pedicle purchase.