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CREO® Threaded

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creo-threaded-fcThe CREO® Threaded thoracolumbar stabilization system enhances efficiency and ease of use by providing a complete array of implant options for treating complex spinal pathologies with one system. The system displays a competitively low profile design and optimizes efficiency and visibility at the operative site with more intuitive and ergonomic instruments. Its design and development was inspired by creative innovation and product evolution through years of experience and surgical expertise.

  • Optimized Visualization and Access: CREO® Threaded implants are designed with a low profile. The CREO® reducers are designed with minimal bulk for improved visualization in the surgical field. The engagement interface of the reduction instruments was designed with less run-on-rod to fit in high curves and tight screw-to-screw situations.
  • Streamlined Rod Capture: Designed for deformity correction, the locking cap securely captures the rod while allowing for adjustment of the rod within the screw head.
  • Threaded Locking Mechanism: The threaded locking cap is optimal for cases where patient anatomy limits the space for reduction maneuvers. The single step locking provides speed and efficiency during locking cap application.