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The ultimate goal at Globus is to deliver innovation by utilizing superior engineering and technology to help improve patients’ lives. This clinical inspiration is central to every endeavour we undertake. We have developed a Spine Innovation Engine to focus our efforts on delivering industry leading solutions to surgeons and their patients.

Our Spine Innovation Engine has developed a portfolio that includes a comprehensive line of technologically-advanced spine products. To date, we have released over 100 products and have over 30 more in various stages of development.


xpand Globus


XPand® is an expandable corpectomy device available in a wide variety of footprints, heights and lordotic/kyphotic angles to match varying patient anatomy.


XPand®-R is a unique expandable corpectomy device made from PEEK radiolucent polymer.
XTEND Globus


The XTEND® anterior cervical plate is a complete system that not only addresses patients’ immediate needs but also considers long-term adjacent level treatment.


The ZYFLEX™ Stabilization System features SoftStop® Technology, a breakthrough in dynamic stabilization systems. ZYFLEX™ provides rotational, as well as anterior/posterior (AP) shear stability, while enabling InterPedicular Distance (IPD) change.


ZYFUSE® improves upon traditional facet fixation by utilizing a minimally invasive approach with fewer procedural steps.
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